Pressure & Steam Cleaning

Pressure cleaning and steam cleaning go hand in hand with the other services that Lotus Cleaning Co. offers. Our staff is required to have extensive knowledge of the equipment and chemical solutions needed to complete each job safely and effectively.

Special care is given when working around landscaping, hardscaping, and other items next to your home. Pressure cleaning your driveway will make it bright and clean and remove stains from tree sap, oil residue and more.

For those stubborn stain areas we can steam clean your driveway, sidewalks and patios for an additional charge. This high pressure, hot steam application dissolves away oil and grime without the use of chemicals. For added protection have your driveway and patio sealed to prevent moisture from seeping in.


  • Driveways, Patios and Sidewalks
  • Brick, Stone, Vinyl, Wood Siding
  • Steam Cleaning: Driveway, Patios, and Pool Decks
  • Fences
  • Sealing Available